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Fire Extinguishers

We provide a wide variety of fire extinguisher safety services that you can have confidence in including:

  • Fire Extinguisher Sales
  • NFPA 10 Strategic Fire Extinguisher Placement
  • Monthly Visual Inspection
  • Annual Inspection and Tag
  • Five and Six Year Internal Inspection
  • Periodic Recharge as Needed
  • 12 Year Hydrostatic Testing

Fire extinguishers are one of the most important safety devices you have in your building. Not only are they required by law, but they are your first line of defense against a fire. You can’t trust something that important to just anyone. Jaxxon Services has the professional and knowledgeable team to service all of the major brands including Ansul, Badger, Buckeye, Amerex, Kidde and many others.

Our fire extinguisher inspection service includes: inspecting all locations of fire extinguishers on the premises for accessibility; checking pressure gauges and recharging fire extinguishers; cleaning each extinguisher while looking for rust, damage or anything else that would compromise the integrity of the fire extinguisher; checking test dates for internal inspections or hydrostatic testing; removing and cleaning hoses; inspecting valve stems; replacing tamper seals and switching certification tags to indicate certification for another year.